Welcome to Vital Genesis

Do you want to live a longer, healthier life, and feel better doing it? Nutrition plays a key role...

Nutrition is a safe and effective tool for building vibrant good health. The body has incredible powers to heal itself if given the chance. When nutritional imbalances are corrected, the body is better prepared to prevent and respond to disease states, the efficacy of other treatments is enhanced, and more permanent, and complete healing is possible.

  • Here's where I come in

    Certified as an educator and consultant in holistic nutrition, I have a clear understanding of why customized, long-term changes in eating and lifestyle habits work, while "diets" usually fail.

    The nutrition philosophy I subscribe to, Bauman's Eating4Health model, emphasizes the use of whole, organic foods, herbs, and appropriate supplements to promote health, restore metabolic balance and support recovery from injury and illness.